Trust: It’s Also About Helping Those in Distress


I can’t stop thinking about the homeless man stabbed in New York and 9 people walking by, not stopping. Or about the 70 yr old man who was mugged on a Toronto subway car and nobody helped, not even to pull the alarm. I understand why those on the subway wouldn’t want to get directly involved- fear of injury or death. But why couldn’t anybody pull the alarm? And what’s the excuse for ignoring a defenseless homeless man? Are we so self-absorbed, so disconnected from one another?

Trust is about knowing that you can count on somebody. Societally, trust is about knowing you can count on others. It feels like a scarier place today when I don’t trust those around me to help me. Trust is about empathy and understanding the world as it is experienced by another person. That includes those in need.

How can any of us expect to build trusting relationships or a trusting society if we can’t count on others to be there in our times of greatest need. Trust is about being sure that somebody is looking after your needs- that they will act in your best interest. Society failed these two men. And one more blow to rebuilding lost trust in our society.

So, what do you think ?