Trust is about ridding ourselves of fear


Hello from Maine: This is the most wondrous spot. I do my best thinking here. Must be something about the ocean and the effect of the waves on the brain. The constancy of the sound has a clarifying effect.

So what is it about people who don’t trust. What is it they fear? And at what cost to their lives? People who don’t trust and live in fear deny themselves the richness of life. They deny themselves the depth of relationship, feeling and a connectedness that comes from allowing ourselves to explore the inner part of life. I know somebody like this. He is a deep and sensitive man. But his fear of being vulnerable locks him out of the greatest gift that we as humans have to share- the gift of ourselves. He doesn’t understand the richness of connection and relationship that comes from letting go. He misses the beauty in an unspoken word, a sense of real knowingness where words are not necessary.

Have you ever had a relationship where you know the person so well that you can anticipate their reactions and feelings? Where you can meet their needs before they realize they have a need? That is a very special relationship and one borne out of a deep sense of trust. A relationship where you know the other person has your interests at heart, thinks of you first, and protects you at all costs.

This is not a relationship that can only exist in our personal lives. The best business relationships share these characteristics. Where one person can anticipate the needs of the other; or one person acts in the interest of the other without thought to themselves. This is what trusiing relationships are all about. They are about letting go of fear, suspicion and ulterior motives. They are all about putting ourselves out there for the other person. And in that gesture, words are unnessary. Because our actions say it all. That we will be there for you. Your welfare is number one. And we will take care of you and your needs. Above all. Now that is trust. And that is friendship.

So, what do you think ?