Trust Across America with Jordan Kimmel


Dr. Deborah Nixon is the Founding Partner at Trust Learning Solutions, Toronto, Canada. An entrepreneur, professor, executive, consultant, and community volunteer, Dr. Deborah Nixon has identified a common need in today’s cautious working environment for trusting professional relationships. She is present with Jordan Kimmel to discuss the importance of trust in any organization.

Trust Across America takes an in depth look at new methods to measure an individual company’s trustworthiness. By focusing on those companies going beyond what is “required” – and actually “doing the right things”- we will reverse the negativity of the media- and help rebuild trust in business.

The show is hosted by Jordan Kimmel, who joins weekly by corporate executives from those companies that have been identified through the American Trust Awards as doing the “right thing.” Trust Across America airs live Wednesdays at 9 AM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Variety.

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