Why You Need Trust in the Boardroom

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HUFFINGTON POST Deborah Nixon and Richard Leblanc GET UPDATES FROM Deborah Nixon Why You Need Trust in the Boardroom Posted: 10/29/2012 5:49 pm It was that time of year again: the board meeting. The CEO hated these meetings, didn’t like the board, and resented their oversight. As he had done in so many other meetings,


Behind Instagram’s Success. Networking the Old Way

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The only way to build trust is through building strong relationships.  This is something I tell people everytime I work with them on improving the trust and integrity in their personal and professional lives, and in their organizations. SAN FRANCISCO — Past midnight, in a dimly lighted warehouse jutting into the San Francisco Bay, Kevin


OOPS. They’re Doing It Again.

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In an article published in the New York times on February 18, 2012 , it looks like Wall Street hasn’t learned much. In the drive for returns, they are jumping right back into the risky investments which they chased previously, only to have everything crash and burn.  If you don’t trust the Street, who is