Tackling the Dreaded Goals


I have to write my 2011 goals today. It’s like doing a budget- something I know I should do but procrastinate about. Why is that? Other friends and colleagues love writing their goals. I think, for me, it’s about hating to feel boxed in. Committed. Restricted. What if I establish these goals and then change my mind? What if I don’t achieve some of the goals? Will I see myself as a failure? Like my budget, if I don’t write it down, I can stay in denial about what I’m not doing right.

Dumb thinking. The goal setting helps to crystallize my reality- whether I like my reality or not. It’s important to look at what’s real and then deal with it. Head in the sand thinking might relieve anxiety for abit- but you eventually have to pull your head out of the sand. And the reality is still there.

So I’m going to tackle this head-on. Face the music. Make my commitments. And then start the new year with a plan.

So, what do you think ?