Give us a department that isn’t running well and we know how to help you to fix it.  Often, our clients will tell us “ It isn’t working and I’m not sure why”.  That’s music to our ears.  We have a reliable, x step process that hasn’t failed us yet.

  • Diagnose and assess. We’ll go back and look at what you have already done. No sense in doing what’s been tried before. We’ll look at your structure, reporting relationships, work processes, decision-making, communication
  • Consult with leadership and staff. It’s important that we hear all perspectives. We don’t do change to people, we do change with people
  • Synthesize and analyze. We don’t make any recommendations until we triangulate all the data. We’re looking for confirmation from multiple data sources.
  • Recommendations and plan of action. We move from analysis to action.  Our recommendations reflect the organization’s values, principles, goals, and realities (constraints?) Our plan of action needs to reflect the ability of the organization to implement it.  Our plans take into account organizational capacity to implement change.