So many leadership development programs fail and at Trust Learning Solutions, we think we know why.  Our programs are built around three essential factors.

1. We believe that all leadership development must be evidence-based and measurable. If you don’t know what you are focused on and why, then you cannot develop programs and initiatives to help leaders evolve and grow.  Dr. Nixon is a certified Hogan Assessor.  Hogan is based on the Five Factor Model of Personality and is statistically reliable, valid and predictive.

2.We also know that leadership is context-based and what works in one organization and its culture doesn’t work on another. When we work with leaders we take the time to learn about the context of their culture and the key capabilities essential for success.  That’s why one of our key steps is a two-hour behavioural interview in which we will probe into the leader’s career, goals, values and motivation.  We work with the culture and leader data to develop a complete picture of the organization, the leader and what it takes to be successful in this context.

Pieces of a puzzle

3. We make sure that leaders work on real projects so that their reflective learning has a practical and immediate application.  Adults only retain 10% of what they learn when it is decoupled from their day to day work.  However, they retain two thirds if they learn by doing.  Whether through workshops, coaching, or mentoring, our leadership programs always incorporate the leader’s work or projects thus creating the knowledge transfer that leads to changed behaviour.