We understand how to get the best out of your employees and we want our clients to understand that too.  Our sweet spot is engagement, accountability, performance and structure.  The optimization of these four components takes you from adequate to excellent.  It makes you an employer of choice and one with fantastic recruitment and retention numbers. Employee engagement is so much more than the annual survey.  Yet, this is what so many organizations do.  At Trust Learning Solutions, we love the numbers too. But what we like even better is the understanding of what the numbers say and mean.  For that we use our ask, listen, learn, and adapt methodology. Accountability and performance measurement is a challenge for so many managers, leaders and organizations.  Yet, it’s one of the most critical pieces in building high trust relationships.  Setting achievable performance measures, setting goals and then holding people to account is a process that can anchor employees and organizations.  With clearly defined goals and timelines, managers can take the emotion out of accountability and stay focused on the tasks and the facts.  We can help you build an accountability and performance framework and train your staff in the skills of delivering feedback. Does your organizational structure support the ways in which decisions are made, the way the work gets done, are roles clearly defined, do the reporting relationships make sense, do the job descriptions align with the actual work, and are the right decision-makers in the right place?  Like puzzle pieces, we love to look at how all your moving parts fit together and work with you to determine the ideal human resource structure.  Whether we do it through an organizational review or a focus on your people, Trust Learning Solutions is deeply skilled at working with you to create the ideal mix of talent, skills, managers, leaders and front life staff.