Investing: “Buy what you know” is a bad strategy

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CBS Money Watch Original article by Larry Swedroe March 23, 2012 We’ve all been there.  We have a gut feeling about our favourite company.  We think because we love their products or their press that we really know the company, almost as an insider. How could we go wrong? If we love the company, many


OOPS. They’re Doing It Again.

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In an article published in the New York times on February 18, 2012 , it looks like Wall Street hasn’t learned much. In the drive for returns, they are jumping right back into the risky investments which they chased previously, only to have everything crash and burn.  If you don’t trust the Street, who is


Morgan Stanley and Employee Trust Issues

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The United States faces one of the worst job markets in years – check. Wages are low and bonuses almost non-existent – check. Both fresh graduates and trained professionals are jobless – check. In these hard times employee trust is one of the hardest things to gain as new and old employees try to come


How Sustainable Are Your Employee Engagement Programs?

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Most modern corporations know and understand that their most important assests and the liveblood of their entire organization are their employees. How important is it then to have effective employee engagement programs in place to make sure engagement efforts don’t fall short? And do such programs actually work in the first place? Kathy Miller explains


Why Leadership Trust is Important to Transform and Inspire

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I was inspired by this recent article in Business Week that talked about how a high-ranking executive considers two main criteria to be the core of his “leadership philosophy.” Those two factors being – idealism and realism. These two qualities along with one of my own, leadership trust, are what I believe all effective leaders


Corporate Business Ethics and Social Responsibility in Obeying the Law

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Is obeying the law and complying with corporate business ethics and social responsibility hard? Following the law is a huge part of business ethics, right? This article from Canadian Business on corporate business ethics and social responsibility might surprise you. Find out how hard it can be for corporations to follow the law. For businesses,


Ambition, Resilience and Starting Over

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I came across Judy Elder’s 2002 speech. It is saved in a special folder on my hard drive called Meaningful Stuff.  I dig this gem out every now and then and am always re-inspired by it.  Judy Elder was the General Manager of Microsoft in 2002 and passed away suddenly at age 47.  I regret