Are You A Cog In A Wheel


Ever feel that way? Lousy, right? You feel so expendable, so disposable, so invisible. Your ideas are devalued, your contribution seemingly insignificant. Imagine living your life as so totally replaceable- that your footprints on this earth make no lasting mark, your voice isn’t heard by anybody, and you are merely a shadow. You come and go, unnoticed and unremarkable. People don’t see you, don’t remember you and don’t acknowledge you.

This describes so many people’s lives and so many managers’ blind spot. They don’t see who is right in front of them, don’t value what they have, and use people to help them achieve their own goals. When the person has completed the task, then they are done. Finished. Dumped. Dismissed. And the manager doesn’t even say thanks. Good job. You really made a difference.

Are you that kind of manager? Have you ever thought how little it takes to appreciate somebody? How much it means to be seen, recognized. Managers have the opportunity to inject humanity into their work every single day. To remember that you are looking in to the face of somebody who leaves your company and becomes a parent, spouse, friend, brother, sister- somebody important. Why is it that you, as the manager, find it important to diminish this and reduce them to a cog in a wheel? Your cog to do your bidding?

How you treat others says everything about your character and your sincerity. Treat somebody as less than a meaningful contributor and you diminish your own worth. And don’t be surprised when karma rears its head and delivers to you what you have heaped on others. Because the universe has its way of righting the wrongs.

So, what do you think ?