Do any of these scenarios sounds familiar?

We have a really fantastic team of smart, ambitious and successful executives.  They have been assigned a very interesting project but they seem to be unable to get it moving forward at an acceptable pace.  They seem to be hesitant to look to innovative solutions and seem to be holding back.  There is a fear of risk-taking and it is inhibiting the team from thinking creatively.

We have so many skilled people and yet when it comes to succession planning, we have trouble identifying enough internal candidates who are ready to step up to the next level.  They don’t seem to be meeting their potential.

We have built what we believe is a high trust organization and our team has worked together for a long time.  Despite this, there are hints that there are unspoken issues and rumours from other departments that our group isn’t as trusted as we thought we are.   There is a focus on process and paper and it seems that much energy is being invested in this rather than problem solving and new ideas.

The team is stuck. The project is stalled.  We just don’t know how to move it forward.

The strategy seemed to make sense at the start, but now we’ve lost our focus and we’re not sure of our direction.

Much of what we hear at TLS centres around stuck projects, ineffective problem solving, poor group dynamics, employees working below their potential, or cultures of politeness and avoidance in which time wasting meetings are the norm.

We help you get behind what is on the surface and get your project and people back on track.   We work with a questioning process which takes a zero-based thinking view and goes back to fundamental assumptions informing the project’s goal, outcomes and contextual environment.

We also work at the individual and team level since we know that trust and risk are at the heart of many failed projects, processes and strategies.   Strategy is driven by people and is only as good as your organization’s culture. We understand that and work to get to the heart of the human factors which can take ordinary organizations and make them extraordinary.